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What is Trade YA!

Welcome to TRADE YA!


Trade YA! is a organized barter and trade exchange. Bartering everything from advertising to vacation and anything in-between. Since prehistoric times, people have bartered for goods and services.

 Barter is a time honored and profitable form of commerce and is the concept of doing business without the use of cash.  Today, many businesses, large and small are rediscovering the advantages of doing business without the use of money. Nationally, over 250,000 businesses are involved in barter.  Barter accounts for over $700 billion annually in the world commerce.  It is estimated that 65% of the Fortune 500 companies engage in one form of barter or another. Working similar to a bank Trade YA! will set up and account provide credit lines and give you access to over 50,000 business to barter with and the tools you need to do it. Trade YA! Use  technology to record transactions and then send statements showing the purchases, sales, and account balances of participating merchants.  

Trade Ya! can help business owners, with the goals of every business? Increase your sales by driving more customers to your business. And, decrease the costs involved in doing business. Combined, your business is far more profitable.

Trade Ya! will work with you to Bring in new business, business you would not have unless you join. Trade YA!  will help Increase sales and Decrease cash expenses and at the same time Increase profits by Conserve cash, Moving inventory and Increasing your buying power. Trade Ya! is dedicated to building your business and leaving your cash alone. Trade YA! will give you TOTAL CONTROL Control over who you barter with and how much barter business you want each month. We will direct business to you when you need it, during your slower times. You can "stop and start" as needed for your business. With Trade Ya! you are able to take the items you already have and trade them for the items you need for your business or for your life. You are able to list items for sale on our barter store, sell those items at full retail and then take that money and turn it in to the item you want. We can barter for just about anything. 

 All business owners are asking what's the easiest way to increase revenue and decrease costs WITHOUT SPENDING CASH? We now have the answer


CUT OPERATING EXPENSES The more expenses you can pay with barter dollars, the more cash you can put in your pocket! NEW CUSTOMERS Members and sales reps. telling their associates about your quality products and service creates new business. Word of month is number one in any business  FREE ADVERTISING - you will receive free listings in the Trade Ya! directory along with free ad space as available. Your business will be listed on our websites. Your new membership will be announced in our newsletters. You can list your items for sale on our web sites and barter store free. Trade Ya! is here to help your business! Through Trade YA! and bartering the goods and services you currently have just sitting on you shelf you can buy the goods and services you need. -WITHOUT SPENDING CASH. Trade what you have to get what you need! Turn excess inventory, ad space or down time directly into Trade Ya! Barter Dollars. You can then use those Barter Dollars with thousands of Trade Ya! member throughout the network. By increasing sales and using barter to pay for various expenses, businesses are seeing greater profits. Barter dollars can be used to pay for many of your cash expenses: Accounting, Advertising, Business meetings, Business meals, Cleaning services, Computer services, Employee bonuses, Equipment repair, Hotel & travel, printing, Painting And much more!  The less cash expenses you have, the more money you will keep to obtain those "extras" that make life worthwhile!  

Our Goal
-Save your Cash , Increase your Profits
- send you More Sales from New Customers
- Have fun using barter dollars instead of cash.
Why spend cash?
When we will Trade Ya!


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 $124,547,108.16 in Items for Sale.
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Featured Store Item:
Accommodations, cabin
Riverberry Lodge
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Item Cost is  $500.00 USD
Qty on hand is 89
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Trade Ya! is a member of the  International Barter Alliance, a   DoBarter on Line service. Your membership in Trade Ya! offers you access to goods and services from ten's of thousands of members in exchanges worldwide.
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